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Turbo Wood Stove


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Ravi Modern Jet Stove with blower technology create enormous/ large amount of fire in short period of time

The portable feature and handling setup helps to carry to the stove at easily

The fusible in Ravi Modern Jet Stove is made of highly forged cast iron for withstanding high range of heat

The efficiency of the product is quite 100% as it deposite only less amount of ash as residues

The power consumption of the Ravi Modern Jet Stove is very low as it is single phased 240v capacitor, the entire day cooking process will be completed in 1 unit of current
(6 hours of cooking takes 1 unit of current)

Can able to used in any circumstances as an environmental friendly products with no smoke

Suitable for outdoor cooking, trekking, garden cookings, get-together and parties etc

Specially designed to withstand heavy loads and fast cooking

Modern Jet Stove is the new trend of cooking in traditional way with resulting delicious tastes in less time

Weight 9.7 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 9.5 × 12 cm
Brand : Ravi Modern Jet Stove
Model : Turbo(domestic )
Material : Mild steel and cast iron
Color : Black
Item weight : 12kg
Fuel type : wood
Cooking Capacity : upto 7kg
Assembly required : Yes
Products dimensions
Size : 10"*10"
Height : 10"
Included components 1no of Frame 1no of blower set 1no of Ravi Turbo Stove with outer pot
Manufacturer : Ravi engineering works
Power consumption : 1unit/1 month
Flame Controllable : Yes
Warrenty : 1 year
Blower voltage : 12V DC
Power supply source : Electricity

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